What we can offer

HIFI-REGLER® our name has always been a guarantee of extremely favourable prices for quality top brands at a very high level of customer services at the same time. On our website you will find a lot of valuable information on many aspects of HiFi and home cinema as well as on the products we offer - information necessary for a fundamental purchase decision. Also after having bought at HIFI-REGLERs our customers are of course - not alone: Provided that after your purchase any kind of problem should arise, our after sales service will be pleased to assist you in any possible way. Our references: More than 80.000 satisfied customers all over Europe and more than 30 years of experience in the mail order selling of consumer electronics. Our aim: To be Europes No. 1, your special provider for high-graded HiFi- and home cinema components in the web.


Our story: So it started ...

At the beginning of the eighties a small mail order business for HiFi-components was founded by Michael Regler in Munich. As kind of storage possibility at first a - surprise, surprise! - garage was used and the order telephone was positioned in the living room. With smart advertisements placed in the leading specialist magazines HIFI-REGLER quickly became popular. At these times the world was, from the retailers point of view, still all right: HiFi-appliances were sold like hot cakes, the price structure remained at a high level (up to the seventies in Germany there was a legal price fixing for consumer electronics) and sales units and retailers sold HiFi-components with enormous profit margins. When a retailer sold his products below the suggested retail price" he was punished with a delivery stop by the industry. Of course there was no reason to negotiate about the price - to the annoyance of those HiFi-listeners who didnt own sufficient money but exactly knew what they wanted... whether you trust in testing reports of special magazines or simply listen to the outstanding loudspeakers of a friend Therefore, a new business idea was born in the early eighties: Customers can save a lot of money, renouncing advice, survey and trial-listening while preferring to buy at lower prices. The concept Test winner at super prices" was really perfect and quickly found friends in the whole of Germany and the adjoining Europe.


and so it continued...

Some days there were long queues of supplying lorries in front of the farm, where the company had moved to in the meantime. Due to this enormous growth the founder had to alter his company from a small into a more extensive organisation with all consequences. At this point, strictly speaking in 1995, he decided to sell the company to the owners of today. Since that time a lot has been changed. The old days of grey imports are a thing of the past. Today we work in co-operation with the industry and are further extending our concept test winner at super prices". Thanks to so many regular customers and a new generation of informed consumers we could take up such a strong market position. The advantages: To provide still better prices at a still better support.


... and this happens today...

The wide-spread use of the world-wide-web also opened completely new possibilities for us. Now we are finally in a position to provide our customers with extensive product- and background information and a daily reworked online-catalogue a selection of services which meets with a large response at a growing number of customers. New target groups - new products - and a still better support. Apropos "support": Concerning television sets our after-sales organisation is at your disposal in the whole of Germany with a service on the spot in your own four walls. And if you want to have a look at or a trial-listen to especially expensive and high-graded components before you purchase welcome at our studios specialized in home cinema demonstrations!



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